Bill Gates Pushes His ‘Magic Corn Seeds’ To Bring An End To World Hunger

Billionaire Bill Gates has started diverting his “philanthropic” endeavors into finding ways to change the earth’s temperature and bring an end to famine.

In fact the Microsoft founder would like to see everyone living off of his patent pending synthetic corn

There is of course a clear financial motive to Gates’s plan in getting people to consume his fake food, just as there had been with his covid “investments”.

And yet again, he is using Africa as the guinea pig for his latest experiment.

What is needed, according to Gates, are “magic seeds” that have been genetically engineered to be resistant to hot and dry climates or to grow three weeks faster than natural seeds.

“Temperature keeps going up….there is no way, without innovation, to come even close to feeding Africa. I mean, it just doesn’t work” he added.

Gateway Pundit reports: Gates, who worked secretly to force Biden’s disastrous inflation “reduction” act on us all, admitted that the seed corn really isn’t magical but insisted that the seeds, called “DroughtTEGO,” do have important qualities.

“Of course, the seeds weren’t actually magic, but by breeding select varieties of the crop, the researchers believed they could produce a hybrid maize that would be more resistant to hotter, drier climates. They succeeded wildly,” Gates wrote.

Gates added that his DroughtTEGO has a promising track record.

“When researchers in Kenya compared plots of this new maize, which they called ‘DroughtTEGO®,’ with the old one, they saw the DroughtTEGO farms were producing an average of 66 percent more grain per acre,” Gates wrote. “That harvest is enough to feed a family of six for an entire year, and the family would still have so much surplus maize that they could sell it for about $880, equivalent to five months of income for the average Kenyan. In fact, many farmers could finally afford to send their kids to school or build new homes once they switched to DroughtTEGO.”

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