Bombshell Report: Ukraine ‘DELIBERATELY’ Fired Missiles Into Poland

Ukrainian officials deliberately launched the Ukrainian S300 missiles into Poland, according to a new bombshell report by Scott Ritter.

The Ukrainians want to spark World War 3 with Russia, and they’ll do anything they can to ensure that happens. reports: A no-fly zone means we’d have to be willing to shoot down Russian planes and enter World War III.

Ritter, a former Marine Intel officer, said Russian missiles were coming in from East to West, and radar detects this. And you have a little radar up front that guides the missile from west to east to intercept the missile. This missile went from east to west into Poland. How does it do it on a ballistic trajectory? You direct a ballistic missile by putting a radar point in the sky that guides it. It then follows the ballistic trajectory down.

Someone painted the sky over Poland with a radar signature that sent a missile to Poland. That’s the only way that missile got to Poland.

Nato chief Jens Stoltenberg has said there is “no indication” that a missile that struck Poland was a “deliberate attack,” saying it was likely fired by Ukraine while defending itself against a barrage of Russian weapons.

A reputable Polish newspaper reported that Ukrainians deliberately sent it to Poland.

Gazeta Wyborcza writes: On Tuesday afternoon, a rocket hit the grain dryer in Przewodów. Two residents of the village were killed. Initially, there were suspicions that the rocket was launched from Russia, but on Wednesday, President Joe Biden announced that its trajectory does not indicate this. President Andrzej Duda knew this from NATO sources on Tuesday evening. In Wednesday’s speech, he stressed that “it was not an attack on Poland” and most likely a missile of the Ukrainian air defense, which simultaneously repelled the attack of Russian missiles.

A Polish farmer and a purchaser, both in their 60s, were killed at a grain facility on a farm.

Gazeta Wyborcza said Ukraine deliberately shelled the territory of Poland.

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