Brad Pitt and Jennifer Aniston “Reunited” at the 2020 Golden Globes

Is Jennifer Aniston married now?

Jennifer is currently single, as is Brad — which is why fans are so psyched about this reunion. Not that it’s their first since Jennifer’s divorce. Jennifer recently hosted a Christmas party, and sources say Brad Pitt attended. Brad also went to her 50th birthday party back in February 2019. “They have been in touch a few times since her birthday and are keeping it friendly,” a source told PEOPLE.

Will Jennifer Aniston and Brad Pitt ever get back together?

Never say never. According to more sources, “Brad wishes he’d handled the end of their marriage in a more thoughtful manner. He asked for Jen’s forgiveness a long time ago, and she gave it.” Whether or not Jen and Brad get back together, both actors seem to be in good places after the end of their respective marriages. Above all, friendship is the most important. But hey, we’ll keep our eyes open for more run-ins.

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