British MP Suspended Following Comments About Vaccines & Excess Deaths

British MP Andrew Brigden was suspended from Parliament earlier this month after he made some factual comment about how the Covid jabs harming people.

Speaking on on the floor of Parliament, Brigden told other MP’s : “Even a casual glance at the data shows that there’s a very strong correlation between excess deaths and the level of vaccine uptake in that country. Surely, we must have an investigation? These are tens of thousands of people who are dying.

Of course it may be nothing but a coincidence, but immediately after making his statements, Bridgen was suspended from Parliament over a completely unrelated matter.

This should speak volumes about the high percentage of MPs, and others, who know what’s going on but choose to remain silent.

Conservative Zone reports: It’s kind of a bombshell that an elected politician would get up and say that out loud. No one in Congress has had the guts to stand up and do that yet. Bridgen was given a 7-day suspension from Parliament immediately after that speech. It was supposedly for an unrelated infraction of some sort, but come on. We all know what really happened there.

Let’s take a look at Bridgen’s statement from a purely factual, data-based standpoint. He says there’s a very strong correlation between a country’s excess mortality rate and the amount of vaccine uptake in countries. What do the numbers say?

Here’s an easy comparison. Chile is the most heavily vaccinated country in the entire world. They went COVID nutty down there. They double boosted a bunch of their citizens for reasons that are unclear, resulting in a national vaccination rate of 125% somehow. Huh? Anyway, they’re the most heavily vaccinated country in the world.

Bulgaria is the least vaccinated country in the world. Only 29% of Bulgaria’s citizens are fully vaccinated, and only 11% have taken a booster shot.

So, in comparing the most heavily vaccinated country in the world with the least heavily vaccinated, any guesses as to what’s happening to excess mortality in those countries?

In Bulgaria, where very few of their citizens are vaccinated against COVID, excess mortality declined by 1% this year. DECLINED. As in, fewer people died this year than died in the year before the vaccine rollout.

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