British Tory MP Suspended & Under ‘Formal Investigation’ For Exposing Covid Jabs

British MP Andrew Bridgen has been suspended from sitting as a Conservative MP and is likely to be permanently cast out from party after

Bridgen’s crime tweeting an article by ZeroHedge which detailed American CDC statistics showing Covid jabs are far more dangerous than previously reported.

Along with this article, Bridgen also wrote, “As one consultant cardiologist said to me this is the biggest crime against humanity since the holocaust.”

The Leicestershire MP has since apologised likening the jabs to the Holocaust, but has denied that it was anti-Semitic. He also denied all allegations of racism and is seeking legal advice against those who have labelled him so.

Infowars reports: Matt Hancock, the disgraced UK Health Secretary who locked the nation down during Covid, erupted at Bridgen on Wednesday, telling the Prime Minister the tweet was a “disgusting, antisemitic, anti-vax conspiracy theory” that is “deeply offensive” and “anti-scientific.”

Prime Minister Rishi Sunak agreed with his friend Hancock and condemned Bridgen’s “unacceptable” language and pledged to eradicate “the scourge of antisemitism.”

Of course, the article shared by Bridgen is completely scientific and based on government data.

Additionally, it is not “anti-Semitic” to warn of another potential genocide taking place.

The British MP has been constantly sharing epic videos and articles exposing the dangerous shots lately, but apparently just typing the word “Holocaust” crossed a line for The Labour Party.

Responding to Matt Hancock calling Bridgen an anti-Semite, cardiologist Dr. Aseem Malhotra wrote on Twitter, “With the greatest respect Matt, there’s no conspiracy theory here it’s the product of a system failure of which we are all victims; the corporate capture of public health. Happy to meet with you again & present the data. Also majority of responses to your tweet are not supportive.”

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