Canada To Legalise Child Euthanasia WITHOUT Parental Consent

Justin Trudeau’s Canada will soon allow children to be euthanised without parental consent, according to reports.

Canada, which is now known as  “a world leader in euthanasia,” kills a whopping 10,000 people a year via assisted suicide. reports: Journal First Things recently related the evolution, and devolution, of Canada’s assisted suicide laws, writing:

Here’s just one sad story the journal presented:

But, hey, Philips is 63 and a burden on society, right? Besides, “There were strong legal safeguards built into the original bill to prevent abuse,” the National Post wrote Tuesday — it was “only” available “to Canadians over the age of 18.”

This is no consolation to Ontario resident Margaret Marsilla, however. Common Sense told her story earlier this month:

Kiano’s parents had divorced — and he became hooked on marijuana — when he was a youth. So he’s clearly a troubled young man. But this means he needs counseling and spiritual upliftment (Truth), not a lethal injection.

The good news is that the “physician” who was poised to kill Kiano — an apparently ice-cold man named Dr. Joshua Tepper — abandoned the planned murder after he was outed and received harsh blowback.

But is there anything in Canada’s law to save the nation’s Kianos? In reality, Bill C-7 specifically states that it’s designed, among other things, to clarify “that persons whose sole underlying medical condition is a mental illness are not eligible for medical assistance in dying.” Yet this means it wasn’t clear in the law before.

Moreover, consider the wiggle room. A mildly “creative” doctor could consider a mentally ill person (e.g., chronically depressed) with the underlying condition of diabetes to be eligible for euthanasia. This was essentially the case with Kiano.

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