Canadian Woman To Be Euthanatized After Complaining She Can’t Afford Her Rent

Canadian authorities have given the green-light for a 32-year-old woman to be sent to heir death due to her extremely low income.

The decision to kill the low-income woman is part of a new project by the Canadian government to solve inflation, homelessness, skyrocketing crime, and food shortages by euthanising the poor.

Denise, whose real name has been omitted to protect her identity, suffers from a rare condition known as Multiple Chemical Sensitivity. Exposure to household chemicals triggers allergic reactions.

This has made securing housing a very difficult task. reports: Following a CTV National News article published this spring detailing her pending approval for medical assistance in dying (MAiD), Denise said the outpouring of public support she received evoked a glimmer of hope for her future. But now, it’s beginning to dull.

“I’ve been given this quasi hope where I see a way that I could survive now … the pieces just aren’t adding up and the money is the clock,” she said.

MAiD was legalized in Canada in 2016 for candidates whose natural death was reasonably foreseeable and later amended to include Canadians enduring an “intolerable” and “irreversible” illness, disease or disability. 

More than 1,000 donors raised money in the spring to help Denise secure permanent housing in a wheelchair-accessible space with uncontaminated air. But six months later, she is still searching for a home as funds and time run out.

“I currently have two months left,” Denise said, nodding to her remaining pool of money.

“I have requested final approval for MAiD,” she said.

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