Cathy O’Brien Reveals What the Psychopathic Elite Are Planning Next

Cathy O’Brien is one of the most important truth tellers responsible for blowing the whistle on the CIA MK Ultra program and exposing the elite pedophile rings that have infiltrated the corridors of power at the highest levels around the world in recent decades.

In 1995 O’Brien published the book Trance Formation of America which detailed her experiences within the government mind control program Project Monarch, which was part of the CIA’s notorious Project MK Ultra.

If you have read this seminal work, you will know that O’Brien is responsible for exposing the elite’s “trauma based mind control programming” and sexual slavery that underpins the power wielded by the elite in today’s world.

If you haven’t read Trance Formation of America, you should make it a priority. O’Brien’s explosive accusations caused a stir in 1995, and the media went into damage control, attempting to portray her as mad.

However, as the years tick by, and we continue to find out more about the globalist elite, O’Brien’s revelations have become vital to understanding the real nature of power in this world.

For instance, mainstream America was shocked and appalled by the tiny slivers of detail the mainstream media let out about the Jeffrey Epstein case. But anyone who had educated themselves by reading Trance Formation of America would not have been surprised at all.

O’Brien recently sat down with the Man in America program to share her insights into the COVID-19 psyop and discuss what is at stake for the future of humanity.

In 2022, Cathy O’Brien’s voice has never been so important. Having lived through the Covid psyop, humanity has suffered at the hands of the globalist elite and they consider us ripe for the picking.

If you have been paying attention, you will know about Klaus Schwab and the World Economic Forum’s plans for humanity. The WEF’s Young Global Leaders have infiltrated governments all over the world and two new groups of globalists, the Global Shapers and New Champions have been revealed.

The globalist elite’s plans for the Fourth Industrial Revolution are in full swing, in which the masses will supposedly own nothing and be happy.

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