CDC Caught Using Pfizer’s PR Firm to Brainwash the Public

The CDC hired the same public relations firm used by Big Pharma giants Pfizer and Moderna to promote the mRNA jabs to the pubic.

Weber Shandwick was awarded a $50 million contract last week to join the CDC’s “Division of Viral Diseases team.” Its purpose is to brainwash the American public into getting the toxic COVID shots. reports: At the very same time, Weber Shandwick has been a Pfizer partner since at least 2006, having worked with the company to elevate its public profile. It also partnered with Moderna in June following the success of that company’s mRNA (messenger RNA) Chinese Virus injection.

What this means is that the same company actively promoting private pharmaceutical interests is also working within a so-called public government agency to direct health policy. This is what is known as a conflict of interest. (Related: Remember when the CDC was caught removing covid jab injury reports from VAERS?)

From covid jabs alone, vaccine corporations including Pfizer and Moderna raked in $34 billion in profits last year. This equates to $1,000 a second, according to estimates – this is a lot of cash for something that has never been proven to do anything other than damage the body and lead to early death.

As more “boosters” are rolled out, even more cash will flow into Big Pharma’s coffers. And this would not be possible without the help of Weber Shandwick and its influence on both the CDC and Big Pharma.

The United States already purchased some 171 million doses of the all-new “bivalent” boosters being pushed for the latest variants and sub-variants of the Omicron variant, which many refer to as the Moronic variant.

Children as young as five years old are eligible for bivalent boosting.

We know from an employee’s LinkedIn account that Weber Shandwick’s involvement in this rollout comes from the CDC’s National Center for Immunization and Respiratory Diseases (NCIRD).

“So excited to be starting a new role today!” the employee wrote on the social media platform. “I’m joining Weber Shandwick as an Account Director supporting a contract I know well, at the CDC’s NCIRD!”

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