CDC Releases ‘Safe Sex’ Guide To Combat Monkeypox, but Insists It’s ‘NOT an STI’

The CDC has issued a “safe”sex” guide to help combat Monkeypox, but bizarrely insists that the disease is “not an STI.”

Monkeypox is a disease which spreads primarily via sexual contact, and primarily among gay men. However, despite these facts, the CDC is still refusing to call the disease an STI due to the stigma it places on promiscuous gay males. reports: Now, in typical bureaucratic doublespeak the CDC, still refusing to acknowledge the Monkeypox is, essentially, an STI, has issued a “safe sex guideline” to avoiding getting infected with Monkeypox during sexual encounters.

But of course, it’s “not” an STI. It just spreads commonly through sexual contact.

It’s also not a “gay disease” it just spreads between “men who have sex with other men.” However, the Biden Administration has sent 50,000 doses of the vaccine to areas hosting pride events. Yet, we are supposed to believe that this disease has nothing to do with gay culture and community.

Political correctness has seen the CDC refuse to call out Monkeypox for what it is as they are too terrified of offending the gay community, but they weren’t terrified of destroying the economy and the regular lives of an entire country. Now we see who really has privilege in this nation.

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