CDC Warns That Dangerous Virus, Life Threatening To Babies, Is Spreading Across US

Federal health officials in the US are warning doctors and parents that a dangerous virus, that can be life-threatening for young infants, is spreading across the US.

The Centre for Disease Control and Prvention (CDC) say that the parechovirus triggers fevers, seizures, confusion and other “sepsis-like” issues and is currently circulating in “multiple” US states.

Officials have now urged doctors to test for the virus in babies who display symptoms

Is it at all possible that this parechovirus is connected to the covid jabs that are now being administered to children….or the ones that some mothers had whilst they were pregnant?

Insider reports: So far, the CDC has only collected positive samples of PeV-A3, which is the specific type of parechovirus that is most often associated with severe disease. At least one newborn is dead in Connecticut. 

Baby Ronan was less than two weeks old when his mom starting noticing he was becoming “very angry,” and “crying a lot,” WTNH New Haven reported

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