Chelsea Handler Responds To Backlash After Trip Amid The Pandemic

Not today! Comedian Chelsea Handler doesn’t have time for haters. She clapped back at critics who slammed her for traveling to Canada amid the country’s COVID-19 travel restrictions.

“Getting a lot of very violent messages, and I would like everyone to know that I am indeed quarantining for the full 14 days and happy to do it,” , 45, said in an Instagram Story on Tuesday, December 22. “So don’t think I’m bending rules. I’m not. I’m quarantining and I’m here for work on top of it. So, suck on that, f**kers.”


The blonde beauty traveled to Whistler in British Columbia, Canada, where Prime Minister Justin Trudeau recently enforced travel restrictions on both commercial and private flights. After she shared a video of herself in Canada, social media users flooded the author’s comment section to question and criticize Handler’s journey over the border.

“Aren’t you supposed to be in your hotel room for 14 days??? Hmmm where’s the health authorities ,” one user commented as another questioned: “How did you manage to get to ?”

Handler shared a hilarious video on why this ski season will differ from the rest amid her stay in Canada. “This ski season is gonna be a little more f**ked up than previous ski seasons,” she began to explain. “A) there’s gonna be no après. If you go skiing, do not go and mingle and slam your juice into somebody else’s mouth just because you’re excited that you went down a double black diamond, OK?

“Get your sh*t together people. We’re gonna ski and we’re gonna ski safely with double masks on and no penetration,” she added.


Regardless of the critics, Handler is sure to enjoy her time on the snowy slopes, as skiing seems to be one of her favorite past times (along with taking off her clothing, of course). The former Lately host did what she does best (stripped down) in order to take on the mountains on December 14. Handler shared the partly nude photo of herself in a helmet, goggles, snow pants and no top, less than a year after she went skiing pantsless for her 45th birthday.

The Life Will Be the Death of Me: . . . and You Too! author previously celebrated her birthday in style, as she rocked half of her birthday suit while holding a joint and margarita on the mountains.

Nudity is something Handler takes very lightly, to say the least. “I text my friends naked pictures of myself. I ruin group pictures by pulling a boob out. Everyone has seen me naked; good for them,” she previously explained. “When I go on dates, I’m glad that we’ve gotten that out of the way so they already know what’s coming.”

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