China Calls Japan & Britain ‘Little Brothers of The US’

The Chinese government newspaper Global Times has described Japan and Britain as “dead empires” and mocking them as the “little brothers” of America

The newspaper was outraged at the fact that the prime ministers of both countires, Kishida Fumio and Liz Truss, had made time to meet with each other at the United Nations General Assembly last week.

Breitbart reports: Kishida and Truss had both issued their addresses to the General Assembly’s general debate, an annual event where the world’s leaders are invited to speak on any topic they choose, by the end of Thursday. Both have been vocal critics of the Chinese Communist Party for the human rights abuses it commits against its own people and the global security threats presented by China’s incessant belligerence towards neighboring Taiwan, which it falsely claims as a province.

According to the British prime minister’s office, during their meeting, Truss “condemned China’s recent provocations over Taiwan, which threatened Japan’s Exclusive Economic Zone.” Truss and Kishida “resolved to work together to tackle the strategic threat posed by China” and agreed “on the importance of likeminded democracies working together,” according to her office’s readout.

In an editorial on Wednesday, the Global Times described the apparently uneventful meeting at the United Nations sidelines as “petty tricks” by provocative countries attempting to “contain China.”

“Britain, which is still immersed in the long-gone glory of the ’empire on which the sun never sets,’ tends to believe it can still make a difference in international affairs,” the state mouthpiece declared. “Japan, harboring a similar intent as the UK – to become a global power and enhance its worldwide discourse power, also seems eager to contribute to expanding NATO to Asia-Pacific, especially its periphery.”

“Furthermore, leaders of the UK and Japan, ‘little brothers’ of the US, made such remarks in New York partly out of the considerations to echo US’ strategy to contain China,” it concluded.

The state propaganda newspaper repeatedly claimed that the meeting was an attempt to “expand” NATO, a military alliance that Japan does not belong to, in part because Japan does not have a military. China regularly condemns NATO as a means of disparaging the United States and the greater West, prominently blaming NATO for its ally, Russian strongman Vladimir Putin, choosing to invade and colonize neighboring Ukraine eight years ago.

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