Chris D’Elia Accused Of Soliciting Nude Photos From A Teenage Girl

Comedian Chris D’Elia was sued on Tuesday, March 2, for allegedly from a 17-year-old .

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In the lawsuit filed in a federal court in Los Angeles, the now 24-year-old who is choosing to go by Jane Doe said the 40-year-old “constructed a manipulative, controlling, and abusive dynamic in which he demanded Ms. Doe provide him sexually explicit images of herself over the internet, directed her what specific sexual poses and acts she should perform for him, and psychologically punished her when she refused.”

denies these allegations and will vigorously defend against them in court,” a representative for D’Elia told PEOPLE. 

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The alleged events began in September 2014 when Doe was still in high school. She had sent him a direct message on Instagram as a “joke” but did not expect D’Elia to reply, however, he responded “right away” and his “messages to Ms. Doe became sexual very quickly,” the lawsuit says.

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“The same night they first started exchanging messages, Defendant D’Elia asked Ms. Doe to send him nude pictures of herself,” the lawsuit claims. Doe eventually complied and sent between five and ten “sexually explicit photos and videos of herself before she met him in person.”

Then Doe attended D’Elia’s show in Mashantucket, Conn, on November 7, 2014, and he allegedly invited her to his hotel room before the show. Within minutes he is said to have “grabbed Ms. Doe’s hand, put it on his already erect penis, and started moving her hand to pleasure himself.” The suit alleges that he asked her to give him oral sex as well as to take her clothes off and have sex, she returned to the hotel room again after the show and allegedly had sex. 

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Over the next few months. D’Elia allegedly received “more than 100 sexually explicit photos and videos” from Doe and “approximately half” of them were solicited when she was still a minor. According to the lawsuit, he allegedly asked Doe “several times to make and send pornographic videos to him of herself having sex with boys her age.”

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D’Elia would allegedly “respond to her with degrading comments” if Doe did not do what he wanted her to but showered her with affection when she did.

A few months after Doe turned 18, she stopped engaging in NSFW conversations with D’Elia after she got into a relationship with someone her age. Doe and D’Elia allegedly spoke on and off until 2017.

D’Elia starred in You where he played a comedian who preyed on underage girls and Doe “sent him a final email expressing that she had been too young for what he had done to her and that she would never be in touch with him again,” after she watched the show.

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She is looking for “compensatory, liquidated, and punitive damages” and a trial by jury.

Last year, several women made sexual misconduct allegations against D’Elia. “I have never knowingly pursued any underage women at any point,” D’Elia responded at the time. 

Last month he broke his silence on the allegations and made a YouTube video where he said that while his relationships “have been consensual and legal,” he does “have a problem” with an unhealthy relationship with sex and is “doing the work” to be better. 

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