Christina Anstead’s Sister Carly Is Ten Years Younger — About Carly

Christina occasionally posts photos on Instagram with her little sister Carly Haack, who is ten years her junior, and says they are “friends for eternity.” Also based in Southern California, Carly most recently made an appearance on the HGTV star’s page in early August.

From the looks of her LinkedIn page, it appears Carly also has some maritime interests. Based out of Carlsbad, Carly has a Masters degree in Marine Sciences. “I am a research scuba diver with SONGS Mitigation and Monitoring,” she writes on her profile.

“I also am a PADI scuba instructor, and have writing, marketing, and education experience,” she adds, saying that she’s also lived and worked outside of California, as a marine biologist in Australia, Mo’orea, and the U.S. Virgin Islands.

These days, she works for UC Santa Barbara’s SONGS Mitigation and Monitoring program, conducting “fish, algal, and invertebrate surveys of an artificial reef.”

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