Clermont County: Gunman Murders Deputy and Livestreams the Standoff

A deputy was wounded and another was murdered in Clermont County during a gunfight with a suspect. It all began with a 911 call on Saturday night. The call was made by a man who believed that there was a man in his apartment located at 360 St. Andrews Drive. According to the caller, the man was armed and suicidal.

The deputies immediately arrived at the apartment and met Wade Edwarn Winn, the twenty three year old who open fired at them. After that, the suspect went live on Instagram.

Wade Edwarn Winn

These events led to a standoff with SWAT. Witnessed reported that gunshots were heard during the standoff. The suspect mentioned during the live stream that he has exchanged gunfire multiple times with the police. Winn said,

They kicked in the door. I shot two of them. They did not return fire at that time. They have now fired back at me, but only once or twice. They have no idea where I’m at. I’ve now shot multiple, multiple times.

The deputies were taken to the UC Medical Center. One of the deputies succumbed to his injuries. During the standoff, the deputies were struck with bullets. The police took the suspect into custody after 6 a.m.

Detective Bill Brewer

Credits: Fox 8

Detective Brewer is survived by his wife and a five year old son. He was the department’s twenty years veteran. Sheriff Steve Leahy said in a statement that detective Brewer gave his life trying to save a man who was suicidal. This was deeply affect the atmosphere of the sheriff’s office at Clermont County.

The other deputy who was wounded got proper treatment and was released after that.

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