Clinton-Appointed Judge Dismisses Trump Lawsuit Against Clinton Over Russian Collusion Hoax

A Clinton-appointed judge who refused to recuse himself from the case over his obvious conflicts of interest has dismissed Trump’s lawsuit against Hillary Clinton and the FBI-DOJ manufacturers of the Russian collusion hoax.

In April President Trump requested the Clinton-appointed judge overseeing his Russiagate case against Hillary Clinton and others be removed from the case due to clear-cut conflicts of interest.  

President Trump earlier had sued a number of individuals and former officials for their actions related to the Russian collusion hoax and attempted Deep State coup of his administration.

Unsurprisingly, this case was assigned to Clinton-appointed Judge Donald Middlebrooks and Judge Ryon McCabe. Judge Donald Middlebrooks was appointed by Bill Clinton to the Southern District of Florida in May 1997.

President Trump urged the courts to replace the Clinton judge with someone who is not biased in the case. Judge Ryon McCabe later recused himself from the case.

But Judge Donald Middlebrooks has steadfastly refused to recuse himself from the case.

Judge Donald Middlebrooks then announced he will deny President Trump’s motion to remove Judge Middlebrooks from the case.

GatewayPundit reported: On Friday, Judge Donald Middlebrooks DISMISSED President Trump’s lawsuit against Hillary Clinton and several FBI-DOJ crooks who manufactured the Russia Collusion hoax to influence the 2016 election and then to bring down his presidency in a government coup.

Judge Middlebrooks also threatened Trump’s attorneys with “consequences” for daring to file the case against Hillary Clinton.

Newsweek reported:

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