CNN Announces Plans To Axe Thousands of Jobs Amid Purge of ‘Woke’ Staff

The new CEO of CNN, Chris Licht, has announced massive layoffs starting this December amid a company-wide purge of ‘woke’ staff.

In a memo sent to all staff Licht declared that teams that are not essential to the network’s “core mission” would likely lose their jobs: reports: Licht must shave down CNN’s budget by a reported $100 million.

This looming deadline has CNN employees on edge. A company insider told FOX Digital, “There are huge nerves about that.”

“It wasn’t clear from that town hall who they’re going to fire. We’re waiting for answers on that.”

CNN is not alone in mandatory personnel cuts. ABC recently received direction from Disney CEO Bob Chapek to enact a hiring freeze, as well as the cancellation of all nonessential travel.

Chapek also initiated a new “cost structure task force” to pursue “organizational enhancements.”

ABC News President Kim Goodwin reported that all positions will experience a hiring freeze except executive producers and producers.

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