CNN Ratings Plummet to Historic Low As Millions of Americans Reject Globalist Propaganda

Globalist mouthpiece CNN is hemorrhaging viewers, with just 444,000 average primetime viewers last month, according to Nielsen.

Of those, a tiny 93,000 were in the all-important 25-54 news demographic. reports: This is the first time since May of 2014 that the network has failed to reach 450,000 viewers, The Wrap reports.

As Glenn Greenwald notes, CNN’s downfall is “so well-deserved and good for the country.”

According to CNN insiders, hosts of the network’s rebooted morning show, Don Lemon, Poppy Harlow and Kaitlan Collins, “seem to be growing frustrated” over the direction of the network.

“The show can’t decide strategically what exactly it is, so it’s trying to be everything which can create whiplash for a viewer when segments seem off-brand in tonality,” said one insider. “The audience for morning news on network TV is different than the cable news audience and since we’re not gaining new viewers we definitely need to retain our legacy ones.”

More on the network’s reputational suicide from Greenwald:

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