CNN Scolds Viewers Who Believe Monkeypox Is an STI

CNN has instructed viewers not to believe their lying eyes when it comes to Monkeypox being sexually transmitted, despite vast amounts of data proving that Monkeypox is spreading mostly among promiscuous gay men.

As reported in The Scientific AmericanMonkeypox Is a Sexually Transmitted Infection, and Knowing That Can Help Protect People.

The articles notes that “Black and Latino men who have sex with men are most vulnerable to monkeypox,” and cites data that finds “Outside Africa, 99 percent of the cases have been in men, and 92 to 98 percent have been in self-identified men who have sex with men.”

“A study published in the BMJ in late July found 196 of 197 cases of MPX in London were in people who identified as men who had sex with men,” the article states. reports: The evidence is so voluminous that the World Health Organisation is on the verge of classifying Monkeypox as an STI.

The author of the article, Steven Thrasher warns that by “not naming, researching, preventing and addressing how transmission is happening,” people will be kept “from understanding how to prevent infection, allow unnecessary worry, and exacerbate racist and homophobic social determinants of health.”

“In the past few months, there has been considerable backlash to naming MPX an STI [sexually-transmitted infection] out of the usually well-intentioned but ultimately misguided belief that doing so will increase stigma,” Thrasher also explains.

And that’s where CNN comes in.

The network’s national correspondent Dianne Gallagher lectured viewers Tuesday (albeit not that many of them) that “monkeypox is NOT a sexually-transmitted infection.”

Gallagher added that”If the Biden administration wants its outreach to be a success, celebrating [pride] while educating, without discriminating, is the only way to approach it.”

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