CNN Urges Viewers To Starve Their Pets to Death To Combat Climate Change

CNN has urged its viewers to begin starving their pets to death in an effort to help combat climate change.

Yes, really.

CNN published an article on their website recently entitled, “Our pets are part of the climate problem. These tips can help you minimize their carbon pawprints“. In the article, the liberal sadists at CNN argue that the meat-heavy diet of many household pets is causing planet-warming gases to be released into the atmosphere.

The move to kill our beloved pets is also being pushed by far-left activists, who recently vowed to slaughter millions of dogs worldwide to reduce the “carbon pawprint” they produce as a result of eating meat. reports: How dare mammals, human or nonhuman, breathe air and eat their natural diets! Doing basic stuff to survive is what domestic terrorists do.

Responsible pet owners should trade in their best friend for a turtle for the planet. “Snakes, turtles and reptiles can have a really low impact,” CNN suggests.

Your kitty kat and pooch, CNN explains, are going to have to eat bugs just like you, assuming you’re allowed to keep them at all in the future:

Over the past several years, we’ve seen a trend of militant vegans attempting to force-feed their cats (who are biologically hardwired to eat meat and only meat) kale salads, with disastrous results. Via

Dogs also thrive on meat. They’ll hoover up almost anything with calories in it like concentration camp inmates, but that doesn’t mean pasta and lentil beans are their ideal diet. And optimal canine nutrition is certainly not insects or whatever soy-based abomination is in the Bill Gates-recommended Frankenstein Impossible Burger™.

If the technocrats get their way, Gates and the other industrialists perverting and monopolizing the food supply will make lots of money, and scores of helpless pets will die in the wake.

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