CNN ‘Woke’ Staff Terrified As New Boss Begins Firing Anti-Trump Employees

‘Woke’ staff at CNN are “terrified” that they will lose their jobs following a recent purge of anti-Trump employees, including prominent names, at the network.

Far-left staffers are reportedly working in a state of fear following the recent firing of Brian Stelter and White House correspondent John Hardwood. reports: Hardwood announced his sudden departure on Friday, just hours after reporting from the White House.

Following the surprise exit, current and former CNN employees told The Washington Post that there appears to be a culling of “woke” staffers at the left-wing media outlet.

Both Hardwood and Stelter saw their contracts terminated prematurely.

It’s seen as evidence that new boss Chris Licht is looking to cast out those who have been critical of Donald Trump and his allies in order to present a more neutral CNN.

The network’s new owners say they want to win back CNN’s “most trusted name in news” title after becoming known as a peddler of propaganda.

One CNN journalist told the Post: “People are freaked out.

“It almost feels like there’s a pattern.

“Is there a purge going on?

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