Concerns Raised Over Soaring Excess Deaths Currently Gripping Britain

Britain is in the grip of a silent new health crisis…. with the effects of lockdowns being suspected of killing more people than Covid

Figures for excess deaths from the Office for National Statistics (ONS) show that around 1,000 more people than usual are currently dying each week from conditions that are not linked to covid.

Since the start of June, almost 10,000 more deaths, unrelated to the virus, have been recorded than the five-year average.

Experts fear that the Governments lockdown decisions in the earliest stages of the pandemic may be responsible for killing more people than the virus itself and have requested that the excess deaths figures be examined.

In fact experts have long warned that the effects of lockdown would end up killing more people than the virus, although they were largely demonized and censored at the time by the establishment.

Meanwhile no mention of the covid ‘vaccines’ or their possible side effects

MSN reports: Policies that kept people indoors, scared them away from hospitals and deprived them of treatment and primary care are finally taking their toll.  

Prof Robert Dingwall, of Nottingham Trent University, a former government adviser during the pandemic, said: “The picture seems very consistent with what some of us were suggesting from the beginning.

“We are beginning to see the deaths that result from delay and deferment of treatment for other conditions, like cancer and heart disease, and from those associated with poverty and deprivation. 

“These come through more slowly – if cancer is not treated promptly, patients don’t die immediately but do die in greater numbers more quickly than would otherwise be the case.”

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