Confused Grandma Unknowingly Starts Filming Herself & It’s Too Hilarious.

Remember flip phones? You know, those archaic predecessors to the smartphone? Well, Adrienne Gutowski wants her back.

Her granddaughter, Apryl Arturo Gastelum, shared footage of her grandma trying to figure out one of the “new-fangled” devices earlier this week, and it’s absolutely hysterical!

She’s completely and utterly confused as she peers into the camera:

“Apryl? Why did my phone turn into a mirror?” she says in what we can only be described as the most adorable grandma voice of all time.

“I’m looking at my face and … oh my, look at all these wrinkles,” she grumbles. “You’ve got to be kidding me.”

“It’s just a camera,” Apryl calls out. “You probably have it switched over … Take a selfie! You have it on selfie mode, grandma!”

The Oxford English Dictionary added “selfie” five years ago… which was probably right around the time poor sweet Adrienne figured out how to work her flip phone.

“A selfie? What the heck is a selfie?”

“This is supposed to be a smartphone. It’s not that smart. I want my flip phone back!

“Take a picture!” Apryl encourages her.

This only confuses our adorable grandma further: “Of what?”


Apryl was thoughtful enough to upload this adorable and all-too-relatable clip to YouTube. “She is the cutest grandma in all of Phoenix,” she said. “She only knows how to make phone calls and even then says her smartphone is only good at deleting stuff.”

Hey, if it makes her feel any better, Adrienne should know that most of us were confused when we made the jump to smartphones, too, let alone (if you’re old enough to remember) typewriters to computers.

Watch Adrienne’s confusion grow in the full video below, and don’t forget to share with anyone you know who’s having a hard time getting the hang of something new!

Source: Inspiremore

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