Cosmetic Brand Declares ‘Women Are Over’; Launches Bearded Lipstick Ads

Domestics brand NYX Professional Makeup has declared that ‘women are over’ and has launched a series of ad campaigns featuring bearded men wearing their lipstick.

The woke company received massive backlash on social media, as respondents accused them of “erasing women” with the ads for Smooth Whip lip cream.

In an Instagram post, the company wrote “[itsmechrxs] making us whip out our Smooth Whip in Pom Pom REAL quick. #nyxcosmetics #nyxprofessionalmakeup #crueltyfree.” reports: “Apparently you don’t need us as your customer base any longer. I’ll leave [your] product like you left me Tired of being marginalized!!!!!!” one women replied.

Another responded “Not attractive at all… Doesn’t make me want to run out and buy your products EVER.”

“…DOESNT matter what year it is dude. Men are men and women are women stop trying to erase us,” another women asserted.

“You need to wake up. Stand up for your right as a woman,” another added, claiming “This is another example of men wanting to still be in control.”

“I’m so turned off by these ads with men wearing lipstick,” another person wrote.

“Not good for your company using a man what are you thinking boycotting,” another commented, while someone else bluntly responded “men should not wear makeup. This is gross.”

Another woman responded “I’m not so much disgusted but confused, why just put a picture with a man wearing lipstick and not a woman too? How does this ad make me want to buy [your] product when I can’t relate to it … I get makeup is for everyone so why not?”

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