Courtney Stodden’s Sexiest Photos Following Her Contentious Marriage To Doug Hutchison

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As OK! previously reported, Stodden revealed that she was “abused night after night” during her relationship with Hutchinson. The Love Addict alum revealed that she “was so overwhelmed” in her that she used alcohol to “cover up” her depression, noting that she “would then walk the Hollywood Hills and hide behind trash cans at two in the morning” to get away from the alleged abuse and “cry.” 

OK! recently learned that Stodden hasn’t “been back” to her hometown outside of Tacoma Washington since becoming famous, adding that she’s “too scared to go back there,” due to her having “a lot of haters.”  


In 2017, Stodden revealed exclusively to Radar Online that she was bullied and abused over her mature looks starting at age 12 and that it almost destroyed her life. “The bullying really started when I got to 6th grade as I became way more developed than the others at an early age,” Stodden said. “They started slut-shaming, bullying me all to the point where I felt unsafe. I even had my left arm fractured due to some of the girls’ bullying and had to be homeschooled.”

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Now, the 26-year-old beauty is living her best life and trying to move on from her tumultuous past. The Instagram influencer is all grown up and not afraid to flaunt her fit physique for the world to see. 

Scroll through to see Stodden’s pics on the ‘Gram.  

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Stodden stunned in a blue bikini, as she says she is living her “best life.” 

The bombshell left little to the imagination in this sultry snap in the tub. 

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Stodden eyes shined through in this stunning photo. 

“Embrace the day,” she captioned a pic of her hiking in the wilderness. 

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Stodden declared she “was done dating Hollywood men” with this eye-popping pic. 

The Celebrity Big Brother alum is all about preaching body positivity. 

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Stodden isn’t shy to let her political beliefs be known. 

The 26-year-old fashionista slayed in a fiery-red two-piece swimsuit.

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