‘Covid Has Become a New Religion’: Tim Robbins Slams The Liberal Hivemind

Hollywood actor Tim Robbins has slammed brainwashed liberals who refuse to let go of pandemic restrictions imposed on them by the globalist elite. According to Robbins, these people have formed a belief system that has all the indicators of a “new religion”.

Robbins, who an Oscar for his role in Mystic River, made the comments in the second part of his interview with comedian and Rumble commentator Russell Brand.

Brand asked Robbins about the rise of censorship in response to the pandemic, measures which saw the “granting of paternal authority to a state that always offers us safety, to a corporate sector that always offers us convenience, all the while banalizing the human experience, turning us into data.”

“This is a new religion,” responded the Shawshank Redemption star.

“It’s exactly like a religion, it’s dogmatic, it’s absolute – if you do not believe in it you are condemned to hell, maybe this is a new religion,” he added.

Brand agreed that pandemic narratives were being “posed as politics, but it’s behaving like a religion.”

“Seems like it, seems like it has some of those aspects at least,” said Robbins.

Summit report: During the first part of Robbins’ interview with Brand, the actor also explained how he was once a staunch advocate for pandemic restrictions but later changed his mind after seeing how people who were skeptical of the narrative were being treated.

“We turned into tribal, angry, vengeful people,” he said. “And I don’t think that is something that is sustainable for the Earth, that we start demonizing people who don’t agree with our particular health policies and turn them into monsters, turn them into pariahs, say they don’t deserve a hospital bed.”

“It turned into ‘you should fucking die’ because you have not complied,” he added. “That’s incredibly dangerous.”

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