CPS Worker Caught on Camera Telling 14-Year-Old Child To Become a Prostitute

A CPS worker in Texas has been caught on camera telling a 14-year-old child to become a prostitute in order to raise money to purchase food.

The child’s mother Keisha Bazley told Fox26: ‘My daughter told me that the worker had been telling her she should do these things, so she said she decided to video her.’ 

Bazley told the station that when she began having problems with her 14-year-old daughter, she reached out to CPS for help. That’s when a CPS worker told the child to sell her body.

She said that the unnamed teen was causing trouble at school and running away from home. 

The teenager is one of a large number of children in the foster system in Harris County, Texas, who is being housed in a hotel. The children in the hotels are awaiting placement.  

According to the Fox Houston report, the video shows the 14-year-old asking the CPS employee for food. The worker responds by telling the child that she should become a prostitute. 

As a result of the astounding interaction, the CPS worker has been fired. Their identity has not been made public.  

In response, Bazley made a formal complaint to the CPS. She told Fox26: ‘If me, the parent, was to do something like this to my child, I would be bashed.’

Bazley added: ‘I would be called a horrible parent. I would lose my kids.’

She continued: ‘This should not happen to girls in their care. It should not happen. it’s unacceptable.’

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