Creepy Brother Is Back Showing Off His Sisters Fidget Spinner Tricks In A Bikini

This dude may be creepy… But he needs to keep the camera rolling! These might be the best fidget spinner tricks in the game!

Maybe she will make it pro? The first ever sexy fidget spinner girl. Sounds like something I would see on Twitch after dark.

If you haven’t seen the video from last week of a creepy angle filmed by a dude with his hot sister trying to do some fidget spinner tricks on her nose.

So today in weird videos that we come across we have a guy “betting” his sister that she can’t spin a fidget spinner on her nose. At first, you think this will just be a video where she starts doing it and he just pranks her with something and its over. Not so fast, that is not creepy enough. This dude gets the up close and personal view of his big sis…

Today they are back and better than ever!

She wanted a link to her cam page but FB has some strict rules about external links going to a cam site. So what I did was put her twitter (which you can see in the pics) below.

The first video we posted got over 1.5 million views thanks to shots like this.



The fidget on the nose trick might be the new: “can you fit your arms behind your back and touch your elbows?” Trick…

We don’t get a lot of mentions on Twitter so when this one came in you can tell it caught my attention. I cannot verify that she can do the trick on her… you know. BUT I have a feeling she can spin this spinner anywhere.

Here is the first video she sent over.



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