Croatian President Slams Germany’s ‘We Are at War With Russia’ Comment As ‘Madness’

Croatian President Zoran Milanovic has blasted German Foreign Minister Annalena Baerbock following her claims that “we are now fighting a war against Russia”.

He called her comments a “kind of madness” and wished Germany better luck than with the last war they had with Russia 70 years ago.

Baerbock made the the bizarre and inflammatory statement during the Parliamentary Assembly of the Council of Europe on Tuesday.

Baerbock said: “Yes, we have to do more also on tanks but the most important and the crucial part is that we do it together and that we do not do the blame game in Europe because we are fighting a war against Russia and not against each other”

Summit News reports: Milanovic ridiculed the comments, saying that such a development was news to him.

“Now the German foreign minister says we must be united, because I quote, we are at war with Russia. I didn’t know that,” Milanovic said. “Maybe Germany is at war with Russia, but then, good luck, maybe this time it turns out better than 70-odd years ago.”

“Do you want us to enter the war?” asked Milanovic during a visit to the port city of Split, adding that Croatia “should in no way help” Ukraine militarily.

The Croatian president expressed his amazement that such aggressive rhetoric was being spouted by a representative of the usually pacifist German Greens.

“If we are at war with Russia, then let’s see what we need to do. But we won’t ask Germany for its opinion,” Milanovic asserted. “Let them figure out who is the actual chancellor over there. I’ve been in politics for a long time, and our country has been through a lot, but I’ve never seen this kind of madness before.”

Milanovic condemned NATO powers for flooding the region with tanks and other weaponry in order to prolong the war.

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