Danica Patrick Shares Cryptic Message Amid Aaron Rodgers Engagement

Weeks after Aaron Rodgers and Shailene Woodley confirmed their , his ex Danica Patrick shared some interesting notes on relationships on Instagram. 

“I thought a lot about this word when I was in Egypt. What kept coming through in all of my thoughts, meditations, and in my innate knowing…. the word is an analogy. For our inner temple. There are a million simple sayings and ideas to prove why YOUR inner temple in so important,” the 38-year-old shared after a two-week trip to Egypt. 

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Your relationships are mirrors,” she explained.

“We can’t receive what we don’t believe. (I made that up right now but I am sure I’m not the first,)” she added said we get what we think we deserve. 

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“I could go on and on! So stop looking for a religious structure or person or home or a job or a city or a partner to make you feel better. Simply because it won’t work! I have tried!

I would love to see temples here and now to cultivate our ability to build our inner temples. And to remember our magical abilities (supernatural power over natural forces). Us humans have been playing small for a while….. and if you don’t believe me, go to Egypt.”

dated for two years before they called it quits during the summer however the race car driver is reportedly unbothered by the engagement news and lets the “past be the past” when it comes to her ex. 

“[] was in love. She wanted to start a family,” a source told HollywoodLife. “She wanted to get married. That didn’t happen. She has grieved about it, but Danica is a tremendously tough woman, and dealing with is not a part of her future, so she has decided to avoid thinking about him.”

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Yes, we are engaged,” Woodley revealed on The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon in February. “But for us, it’s not new news, you know, so it’s kind of funny. Everyone right now is freaking out over it and we’re like, ‘Yeah, we’ve been engaged for a while.'”


Earlier in February, Rodgers casually mentioned that he got in engaged in his NFL MVP acceptance speech but did not name Woodley.

The engagement news came days after their relationship became public knowledge after an insider told E! News that they were in a “private” and “low key” relationship. 

“They have seen each other and been in touch. They continue to talk and see each other when they can. They are both focused on their careers but they also make time for each other.”

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