Danish Newspaper Apologizes To Humanity For ‘Failing’ To Question Official Covid Narrative

One of Denmark’s most popular newspapers, the Ekstra Bladet, has issued an apology to readers over its coverage of Covid, specifically apologizing for uncritically passing along everything “experts” like Dr. Fauci said while downplaying perspectives that challenged the Covid orthodoxy.

In an article in the Ekstra Bladet tabloid last week headlined “We Failed”, journalist Brian Weichardt issued the extraordinary apology to the public, admitting that journalists were “seduced by power” during the pandemic and should have done much more to question the “official narrative.”

Weichardt wrote that for nearly two years, both the press and the public had been “almost hypnotically preoccupied” with authorities’ daily coronavirus updates, obsessing over infections, hospitalizations and deaths, as the significance of the “smallest movements” was “laid out by experts, politicians and authorities, who have constantly warned us about the dormant corona monster under our beds”.

“The constant mental alertness has worn out tremendously on all of us,” he wrote. “That is why we – the press – must also take stock of our own efforts. And we have failed.”

He said the press had not been “vigilant enough” in questioning authorities about whether people were hospitalized “with corona and not because of corona”.

“Because it makes a difference,” he wrote. “A big difference. Precisely, the official hospitalization numbers have been shown to be 27 per cent higher than the actual figure for how many there are in the hospital, simply because they have corona. We only know that now.”

But he pointed the finger at authorities, saying it was they who were “first and foremost … responsible for informing the population correctly, accurately and honestly”.

“The numbers for how many are sick and died of corona should, for obvious reasons, have been published long ago, so we got the clearest picture of the monster under the bed,” he wrote.

“In all, the messages of the authorities and politicians to the people in this historic crisis leave much to be desired.”

News.com.au report: As Omicron cases skyrocket, health officials in countries including Australia, the US and Canada appear to have abruptly adopted the same messaging, emphasizing that many people counted in Covid-19 hospitalization statistics are there for other reasons.

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