Demi Moore Speaks Out After Plastic Surgery Rumors Swirl: Watch

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The 58-year-old star is finally speaking out about her big appearance at the show. While talking to legendary supermodel Naomi Campbell, she said that the excitement of the moment “didn’t hit me until afterwards,” adding that “it really was a teenage fantasy fulfilled.”

“I took a moment and I thought, ‘Oh my God, I just walked a runway show with some of the biggest models ever,’” referring to the other models in the show, Campbell, Kate Moss, Bella Hadid and Cara Delevingne. “I literally felt like a little kid,” the Golden Globe nominee gushed about her runway debut. 

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Fans of the bombshell were quick to point out her appearance though, with some saying she looked “unrecognizable.” 

“I couldn’t quite believe that it was opening — she’s changed a little,” one user tweeted, while another added: “If Demi Moore is happy with her new look, then bravo. If she’s not, I hope she can still ‘see’ the beautiful Demi she is on the inside and truly embrace herself.”  

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“My first thought was, ‘OMG is this real? Is she making a funny expression or awful makeup contouring?’” celebrity injector Heather Rohrer exclusively told OK!. “Her cheeks appear to be overfilled, causing the filler to migrate downward to the corner of her mouth. She appears to have no fat in the lower face, almost like she has had her buccal fat removed.”

She adds, “Her lower lip filler has definitely migrated, exposing an undefined vermillion border. Her smile lines are also non-existent due to excess injectable fillers.”

Beauty expert Pam Agullo, MD, exclusively told OK! that she is “left speechless with Demi Moore’s transformation.” 

“She had always managed to achieve an ageless gorgeousness, but this time, I believe she has gone way over the top,” she notes. “Her features look completely exaggerated and out of proportion, most probably achieved with fillers to the cheekbones and a buccal fat pad removal to give her that chiseled look.”

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