Democrat Arrested For Tampering With Voting Machine in Colorado

A registered Democrat with a history of far-left political activism has been arrested by authorities after the suspect was caught tempering with voting machines in Colorado using a USB thumb drive.

31-year-old Richard Patton, of Pueblo, CO, was arrested on election crime charges after he was caught inserting the USB drive into a voting machine.

“On the afternoon of June 28, poll workers heard noises coming from a voting booth,” CBS News reported. “When a poll worker went to investigate and clean the machine, they saw an error message and notified a supervisor.

“Tamper-evident seals on the machine appeared to be disturbed,” the secretary’s office said. The machine was immediately taken out of service for investigation.”

ABC News reported, “Election officials in Colorado use locks and tamper-evident seals on voting equipment, so it becomes apparent if someone has tried to access it.

“Trigger alerts make machines inoperable if someone tries to tamper with them.”

Local authorities were informed of a “potential breach to a voting system” at a voting station in Pueblo, Colorado.

CBS News reported that Patton allegedly inserted a “USB thumb drive into a voting machine at a polling station during the primary election in June, authorities said.”

Patton did vote on that day, officials confirmed.

According to Gilbert Ortiz, Pueblo County’s clerk and recorder, Patton was identified because he presented his driver’s license as identification to poll workers before he voted.

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