Depopulation Agenda: Two More Fertiliser Plants Shut Down Due to High Gas Prices

Two more fertiliser production facilities have been forced to close their doors due to the rising cost of natural gas and other fuels.

Record-breaking prices for fuel all across Europe forced Grupa Azoty, the European Union’s second-largest fertilizer producer, to cease all operations. The company issued the following statement following its closure:

“Due to record prices for natural gas, the main raw material for Grupa Azoty SA’s production, the company decided on August 22, 2022 to temporarily shut down its nitrogen fertilizer, caprolactam and polyamide 6 production plants from August 23, 2022.”

“Although there are no problems with the availability of gas, the current situation on the gas market, which determines the profitability of production activity, is exceptional and completely beyond the company’s control.” reports: Pay close attention to that remark about the availability of gas being the same as it has always been. The problem, as always, are the banking cartels and their financial corruption, which has created a hyperinflationary situation for energy as the markets see heavy volatility through paper trading.

It is all a numbers game, in other words, as the globalists in charge desperately cling to their failing system, exploiting the rest of the world and its food production systems as collateral damage in a massive financial terrorism scheme.

We are told that because of this shutdown, there will not be nearly enough fertilizer available for the next sowing season. Coupled with drought conditions afflicting the current harvest system, this is really bad news for the global food supply.

Grupa Azoty says it will continue to monitor the price level of all raw materials and goods needed to make fertilizer production profitable once again before deciding to reopen the plant. The company did not, however, give any indication as to when it expects to resume operations.

Another Polish fertilizer producer, ANWIL, is in charge of the second plant that on the same day announced that it, too, will no longer be producing fertilizer due to skyrocketing energy costs.

“Due to an unprecedented and record-breaking increase in natural gas prices in Europe, ANWIL has decided to temporarily suspend the production of nitrogenous fertilizers,” ANWIL announced on its website on August 23.

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