Diddy Delivered a Powerful Eulogy at Kim Porter’s Funeral

The billionaire rapper Sean “Diddy” Combs has recently paid his tribute to his former lover Kim Porter at her funeral by saying a touching Eulogy in Georgia’s Columbus. The audio recording of the eulogy at Kim Porter’s funeral was allegedly obtained by TMZ where Diddy has described his unique relationship with Porter.

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Porter was found dead on 15th of November and died at the age of 47. Diddy during the ceremony made a eulogy and pledged a promise to him and his former lover’s children, Jessie James, Christian and D’Lila Star along with Porter’s son from her previous marriage Quincy who Diddy help in raising up and two other children from other relationships, Justin and Chance.

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“Diddy” Combs 49-year-old rapper said to his kids that their mother had instilled the power in him and he pledged in front of everyone by saying that he will always be there for them. And hearing this the audience present inside the Cascade Hills Church for Porter’s funeral applaud. Diddy also said that “I’ll always care about you.”

In the midst of eliciting claps and waves of laughter, Diddy also said that “their girls are explicitly going to enter into a different time and he also conveyed that Kim and his girls would be able to talk to him about anything and everything and he repeated I mean everything twice while he was speaking in the eulogy.

source: pagesix

Diddy Combs also said that “a few people in life are irreplaceable and Kim is one of them.” Combs also said Kim is going to be missed a lot. Diddy also said that he wouldn’t miss Kim a lot as he won’t let Porter’s voice inside of him to stop talking. As Porter loves to talk to Diddy once she gets into ranting and he also conveyed the message that he is going to be listening.

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