Diocese of Des Moines Bans Preferred Pronouns In Sscools, Says Students Must Use Toilets & Locker Rooms Of Their Biological Sex

The Diocese of Des Moines in Iowa has been praised for banning preferred pronouns in schools and parishes, and ruling that students and worshipers must use the bathrooms and locker rooms of their biological sex. 

The new rules from The Diocese of Des Moines went into effect on Monday, and all revolve around how the religious organization deals with gender at its 17 catholic schools and 80 parishes across the state. 

While liberals were sent into an immediate meltdown, claiming such a move would cause suicides, many hailed the decision as a long overdue

The Mail Online rports: Their comments echoed those of parents across the country, who have protested rapidly changing trans rules in public schools in various states.  

‘Finally, a church that is acting like a church,’ said one admirer of the Diocese’s decision. 

On Monday, the diocese – which is headed by 60-year-old Bishop William M. Joensen and is responsible for four hospitals as well as its array of schools and churches – published the official policy document, which outlined these new rules and how the organization ultimately decided on the changes.

A spokesman for the diocese, wrote that the rules have been ‘part of a lengthy process’ geared toward addressing concerns from school and church staff revolving around students’ gender identity.

The Diocese of Des Moines’ communications director, Anne Marie Cox, confirmed Monday that all seven of the stipulations – ranging from the pronoun and locker room enforcement to the banning of gender blockers – will go into effect immediately. 

‘Diocese of Des Moines codifies ostracism of transgender kids,’ Celsi wrote in a Facebook post on January 4 after the new rules were announced.

The Democrat went on to claim that the rules could drive kids towards ‘suicide’. 

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