Disney Fires CEO After Massive Failures With Wokeness and Pro-Pedophilia Content

Disney has replaced CEO Bob Chapek with Bob Iger after its recent spate of pro-pedophilia and woke content proved to be unpopular among audiences.

According to The Hollywood Reporter, The Walt Disney Co. announced on Sunday night that Bob Chapek will step down as CEO, with Bob Iger returning to lead the company:

Thelibertydaily.com reports: We’ll soon see. If Disney continues to be the wokest major entertainment company in America, this leadership change won’t do much. If Iger tries to change directions, he’ll have a whole lot of groomers and their supporters to contend with internally. It seems like a Catch-22 for someone who was decent during good times but not so great during bad times. Not that I ever give stock tips, but I wouldn’t bet on Disney rebounding anytime soon.

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