Disney’s ‘Little Demon’, Which Normalizes Satanism and Pedophilia, Canceled in US

Just when you thought Disney had hit rock bottom,

On August 29th, Disney announced it would air a new ‘comedy’ about a woman impregnated by Satan and her Antichrist daughter.  This show begin streaming on Disney+ in Australia and New Zealand with expectations of releasing in other markets soon.

Mercifully, Disney just announced that “Little Demon,” which attempts to normalize pedophilia and Satanism, will no longer air in the United States. Considering the series features Hollywood stars and is backed by an enormous budget, the cancellation is a major climbdown for Disney.

The People’s Voice exposed the Disney show earlier this month, publishing an in-depth investigation into the Satanic cartoon and it’s producer, Dan Harmon. Watch:

Disturbingly, the show’s executive producer Dan Harmon has been making “jokes” about abusing babies for a while.

In 2009, Dan Harmon created a comedy short called Daryl – a parody of the series Dexter. And it was awful. The main reason: He abuses a baby. Twice.

We collectively need to face some cold hard facts. This man, who abuses a baby twice in a short film, is currently producing a show about Satan and the Antichrist. It has a huge Disney budget, it is full of Hollywood stars, and it is praised by mainstream media.

Little Demon is perfectly in-line with the satanic agenda that has been permeating mass media for years. It is all about countering people’s natural aversion to the concepts of evil, satanism, and demonic possession by making them fun, relatable, and entertaining. Through mass media, Satan stops being “the adversary” that represents all that is sick, cruel, and perverted and becomes a dad who looks out for his daughter. Satanic possession stops being a soul-destroying ordeal and becomes a potent way to gain superpowers.

One must be blind not to see that the world is being swept by a massive wave of indoctrination. Christianity is being demonized. Mass media is making satanism the only “religion” to be allowed mainstream praise and exposure.

What about the fact that real actual satanists perform real actual black magic rituals, blood sacrifices, and child abuse? Well, they’re trying to normalize all of that too. Because those behind Little Demon are big, fat, disgusting demons.

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