Doctors Warn That Strokes In Young People Are Increasing

Doctors Warn That Strokes In Young People Are Increasing

Doctors are warning that strokes in young people are increasing, and even people in their 20’s are at risk.

A stroke which is normally associated with older people happens when the blood supply to part of the brain is cut off.

They doctors claim that younger people are increasing their risk because of their lifestyles and, following an uptick in cases, are now urging young adults to be aware of the deadly signs of a stroke.

The experts make no mention of adverse reactions to the covid vaccinations.

The Sun reports: Medics at Norton Healthcare said younger people now have more risk factors associated with stroke – as many lead a sedentary lifestyle.

They said that the younger population is now also dealing with obesity, high cholesterol, hypertension, diabetes, and sleep apnoea.

The experts said that women who take the contraceptive pill and experience migraines with an aura are also at a greater risk of a stroke.

Stroke neurologist Dr Bryan Eckerle said that for many people, a stroke won’t be painful and revealed the six things you must watch out for – especially in younger people.

These are:

f you think someone is having a stroke you need to ring 999 in the UK and 911 in the US in order to get emergency help.

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