Dude Gets Balls Chopped Off After Getting Baited By Jealous GF

WHAT. THE. F*CCCCCCK! What happened to. Yeah, this isn’t working out we need to break up?!

WHAT?! This is soooooo Brutal.

According to Metro: A man has had his testicles chopped off by his girlfriend in a fit of jealous rage, court documents have revealed. Zhanna Nurzhanova, 36, allegedly used a scalpel to remove her boyfriend R Suleimanov’s genitals after he confessed to his sister that the was attracted to another woman.

When she looked on his phone she is said to have found pictures of other women. It is claimed that she lulled him into a sex game before sedating him and chopping off his testicles. A leaked court paper said: ‘She offered to play a sex game and tied his legs and arms with four scarves.. ‘Then she took out two pills, allegedly barbiturates, and forced them into the man’s mouth.

‘At about 2am, she pulled his off his underwear and started accusing him in being in close contact with another woman. ‘She beat his head, face and chest with an aluminium stick. Then she took three ampuls of (anaesthetic) and a syringe, and injected it all around the man’s groin.

‘Next she took a scalpel and started to make incisions ….cutting the left testicle and tying the spermatic cord with a thread….

‘She cut off his right testicle and stitched the cut but a thread slid off and the man started bleeding.’ She then took him to hospital in Astana, Khasakstan, where she was detained.

If found guilty she could be jailed for up to 10 years, however an expert said that the victim could still have sex in the future. He suffered ‘stab wounds to the scrotum, (and) amputation of both testicles’.

Bulat Shalekenov, chairman of the Men’s Health Association of Kazakhstan, predicted: ‘’If his penis is still in place, he won’t have children, but will be able to have sex.

‘His body will inevitably go through hormonal changes like declining libido, obesity, and chronic fatigue.

‘He will live and might stay a man by using hormone-replacing therapy to replace his lack of testosterone.

‘He might even have a testicles replacement surgery. There were cases like this in the world but we have not done such surgery in Kazakhstan.’

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