Dutch Government To Seize 600 Farms at Gunpoint as Part of the ‘Great Reset’

The Dutch government has announced plans to seize 600 farms throughout the country as part of the ‘Great Reset’ agenda.

Former deputy prime minister Johan Remkes says he plans to follow the advice from the government’s mediator to meet the nitrogen demands of the European Union (EU), which aims to phase out the use of nitrogen, calling it a “pollutant.”

Infowars.com reports: In response, Farmers Defence Force leader Mark Van den Oever says he and others will take to the streets in opposition to the new standards, which unfairly dubs nitrogen as something harmful when it is really just a common fertilizing agent that plants use to grow and thrive.

The Dutch government’s claim is that nitrogen is harming sensitive environmental areas located close to heavy nitrogen emitters. Those farms, officials say, must be relocated away from the protected locales.

Van den Oever argues that this claim is “completely wrong,” and that nitrogen was never considered a pollutant until very recently when suddenly it started taking the blame for “global warming.”

If Remkes continues with the EU scheme, Oever says the nation’s farmers will “give the old-fashioned gas again, count on that,” referring to the widespread movement of tractors throughout the European state.

Just about all the concerns of farmers amid this conflict have gone completely ignored, the Farmers Defence Force leader lamented. He claims the globalist government of Prime Minister Mark Rutte “imposes far too much on businesses.”

Attempts to force farmers to uproot their farms and relocate, if they can even find a place to relocate, is a “red line,” added organization spokesman Sieta van Keimpema.

Remkes, meanwhile, is defending his proposals – though he admits they come at a cost.

He says under the EU’s so-called “green” agenda, “the Netherlands will be locked up because it will be legally almost impossible to issue permits. Not for houses, not for farms, not for roads.”

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