Epstein Victim Vows To Release Video Tape Showing VIP Elites Raping and Murdering Children

One of Jeffrey Epstein’s child sex trafficking victims has told a court that she made copies of tapes showing VIP elites raping children and committing other heinous crimes.

Sarah Ransome’s newly released deposition has revealed that Epstein made several tapes of some of his most powerful and wealthy friends – and she made copies and stored them in secure locations all over the globe.

Ransome claimed in the deposition taken as part of a lawsuit that Virginia Giuffre filed against Epstein’s child pimp Ghislaine Maxwell that she has seen footage of several of Epstein’s friends having sex with child sex victims.

Dailymail.co.uk reports: Ransome goes on to claim that footage she saw will ‘haunt me for the rest of my life’ and that the faces of the two men were clearly visible. She does not identify those men.

Ransome even claims to have copies which she has stored at several secure locations around Europe and says she fears retaliation by Epstein even though he is dead.

The bombshell claim gives new insight into the long-held theory that Epstein blackmailed his wealthy male friends with secretly recorded videos of them having sex with underage girls he provided.

Ransome, who was born in South Africa and moved to Scotland aged 14, was lured into Epstein’s web by one of his recruiters after coming to New York to become a model.

Epstein claimed he had connections at FIT, the New York fashion college, and Ransome says he ‘used my education as a way for me to trade my soul to the devil and become a sex slave to pay for my studies’.

While the college placement never materialized, failure to agree to have sex with Epstein would lead to him refusing to support her anymore, leaving Ransome penniless and with no prospect of making it as a model, she claims.

Among the newly unsealed documents are emails sent by Ransome explaining the existence of the tapes.

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