Excess Heart Deaths In UK Now Being Blamed On NHS Backlogs & Delays

It seems that doctors are no longer baffled over the increasing rates of excess heart and stroke related deaths across the UK

Blaming covid jabs is now just another ‘conspiracy theory’ as disruption to NHS services is being blamed for the tens of thousands of excess heart related deaths.

This follows the release of analysis by the British Heart Foundation linking those deaths on the reduced access to healthcare during the pandemic, and backlogs and delays in the NHS system that followed.

According to the BBC News: “Extreme disruption to NHS services has been driving a sharp spike in heart disease deaths since the start of the pandemic, a charity has warned.

The British Heart Foundation (BHF) said ambulance delays, inaccessible care and waits for surgery are linked to 30,000 excess cardiac deaths in England. It has called for a new strategy to reduce “unacceptable” waiting times.

The government has said it is investing another £500m to ease pressure on ambulances and boost hospital capacity.

The BHF said its analysis suggests 395,000 people in England could be on a waiting list for a heart test or procedure by April 2023 based on current trends, up from 224,000 before the start of the Covid pandemic.

Doctors and groups representing patients have become increasingly concerned about the high number of deaths of any cause recorded this year. Data from the Office for National Statistics suggests the overall number was 17% higher in England than would have been expected in the week ending October 21st, based on the average for previous years.

The Daily Sceptic reports: Michael Simmons in the Spectator notes the odd lack of interest from Government in the cause of these tens of thousands of deaths.

This is a good response to the “ageing population” idea claimed by the BBC above to account for potentially over half the excess deaths. We might also point out that since the population hasn’t suddenly started ageing, if this was the explanation it should have been happening every year and we’d always see these ‘data glitch’ excess deaths. But a quick glance at the last decade shows the excess deaths in 2022 are far above those for any other year.

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