‘Experts’ Now Say You Will Never Be ‘Fully Vaccinated’ Against Covid

So called experts are now saying that you will never be fully vaccinated against covid.

It all started to change last year when the CDC in America, and other health institutions around the world, warned that they may have to “update” the definition of “fully vaccinated”.

Now, with new boosters on the market and a virus thay keeps evolving, experts say the term ‘fully vaccinated’ no longer means being the most protected you can be.

They say there are other more appropriate alternatives to use to use, such as “up-to-date” with Covid vaccines.

Off Guardian reports: From the beginning, the “pandemic” has been created, policed, enforced and perpetuated through nothing but rhetorical tricks and manipulative language. News names for old things. New definitions for old words.

“Covid” has always been nothing but a pandemic of terminology. The fluid nature of “fully vaccinated” is just another example.

It has already ballooned from “double-jabbed” to “boosted” and “double-boosted”, and with new “vaccines” expected for all the variants, it doesn’t look like any end is on the horizon.

As I said, you’ll never really be “fully vaccinated”…and now they’re admitting it.

In yet another attempt at control through language manipulation, there’s a push on to completely scrub the term “fully vaccinated” from the Covid discourse.

Yesterday NBC News ran this piece, which headlines:

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