Experts Warn California Is Set for ‘Mega Earthquake’ Following Unusual ‘Parade of Cyclones’

Experts have warned that California is set to experience a series of “mega earthquakes” that will permanently alter the geography of the state.

What we are witnessing in California right now is unlike anything we’ve ever seen before. Over the last few weeks, a “parade of cyclones” has hammered the state.

Unfortunately, these storms are far from over because “atmospheric rivers” will continue to funnel more rain into California for at least several more days. 

What most people don’t realize, however, is that a decade ago John Paul Jackson had a supernatural experience in which he was shown that “a storm of incredible force” would hit California, and that it would be a sign that precedes the “big earthquake”.

You can see video footage of John Paul Jackson describing what he was shown here: reports: If you live on the west coast, the video that you just watched should chill you to the core.  The following is a very rough transcript of John Paul Jackson’s remarks…

For years, I wondered what a storm of this nature would look like.

Unfortunately, it appears that the type of storm that John Paul Jackson described has finally arrived

Needless to say, the atmospheric rivers that have been pummeling California are not hurricanes.

But CNN just posted an article that compares them to hurricanes…

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