EXPOSED! Massive Democrat Bot Farm Caught ‘Controlling the Narrative’ on Social Media #BlueCrew #Demcast

A massive Democrat operation to control social media using an army of bots and fake accounts has been exposed, with White House staffers, journalists and Democrat operatives involved in the vast operation to manipulate public opinion and brainwash the masses with left-wing narratives.

DemCast is a non-profit organization that has tens of thousands of accounts on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram and YouTube and other social media platforms.

Garnering an estimation of over 50 billion impressions since just 2019 — DemCast aims at manipulating public opinion surrounding the topics of COVID, war with Russia, January 6, and even swaying local elections throughout all of the 50 states.

Nobody really supports the policies and social positions promoted by the army of bots and fake accounts. Yet they manage to convince the masses that their positions are the mainstream position. Sooner or later the average Democrat voter falls in line and accepts the far-left and radical policy. This is the Democrat hive mind in action.

DemCast’s employees are a mix of ex-White House staffers, Democrat operatives, journalists, and social activists.

One of their co-content creators, Mindy Schwartz, worked at the White House for the National Security Council. Another one of their employees, Joanne Marie Oyer, works for the Obama Foundation.

Their website ‘Our Plan‘ page describes their operation in four simple bullet points:

In an unlisted YouTube video posted to DemCast’s YouTube channel, co-founder and director of DemCast strategy, Lori Coleman, details a major function of DemCast’s strategy — using thousands of private chatrooms to artificially amplify messaging on the platform, garnering millions of impressions, artificially amplifying content to sway public opinion.

In another unlisted YouTube video posted to the DemCast YouTube page, Lori Coleman teaches individuals how to use Speechifai to auto-generate Twitter content.

Lori emphasizes the necessity of appearing ‘authentic,’ while going over the process of using the “Try to build your own post” on the Speechifai platform.

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