“Extremely Healthy” Fully Jabbed 10-Time Wimbledon Champion Suffers Massive Heart Attack

Fully jabbed ten-time Wimbledon champion Todd Woodbridge suffered a massive heart attack this week, leaving doctors baffled.

The Australian tennis star described the shock incident as a “wake-up call” even for the fittest of middle-aged people and declared “it can happen to anybody”.

Thesun.co.uk reports: Woodbridge was exercising when he started to feel chest pains.

The ten-time Wimbledon doubles champ told the Herald: “It was last Thursday, I tried to keep my routine having travelled to the US Open and London and I was just exercising and had chest pains and every symptom when you look up Google – full sweats and I felt awful.

“I had a little heart episode that goes down as a mild heart attack which is a bit of a shock to me.

“I consider (I) lead a pretty good fit healthy lifestyle – I keep active, I eat well, I do all the right things, I enjoy doing that.

“It’s been a wake-up call to me to make sure I look after myself.

“If it can happen to me it shows that it can happen to anybody.”

At 51, Woodbridge is a year younger than Shane Warne when he had his fatal attack.

Days after Warne’s passing, another high profile Aussie athlete, former AFL star Dean Wallis, 52, suffered a major heart attack but survived following life-saving surgery.

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