Facebook Caught Recruiting CIA Agents to Censor Independent Media

Facebook has been caught hiring dozens of CIA agents as part of an ongoing operation to purge the platform of independent media.

According to journalist Alan MacLeod, Facebook is on a secret hiring spree and is busy recruiting Deep State agents to stifle any remaining remnants of free speech on the platform.

“It’s very difficult to see where Silicon Valley ends and where the national security state starts,” MacLeod stated.

Bizpacreview.com reports: What’s particularly unsettling, he suggested, is that the social media network whose robotic chairman and CEO is the very liberal, Biden-supporting Mark Zuckerberg, is reportedly slotting the recruited ex-feds into content moderation and other sensitive roles.

MintPress News senior staff reporter Alan MacLeod outlined his published findings about these alleged hires during an interview on “Rising,” an episode which was hosted by Batya Ungar-Sargon and Robby Soave, and which is broadcast by The Hill TV.

“Some people say well, it’s not really a big deal: Casinos hire ex-card sharks all the time to protect them from scams and whatnot. But you know, the people that Facebook are hiring are not whistle-blowers, they’re not people who have turned the other cheek. A lot of the time they are actually being taken straight from CIA and put into important positions in Facebook with regards to content moderation and security and trust and safety. It’s not like they’re going into sales or customer service or anything. It’s very politically sensitive fields,” MacLeod explained.

The journalist went on to assert that Central Intelligence Agency hasn’t exactly covered itself in glory in the past.

“Why this is a problem, is, of course, is that the CIA has a terrible track record from everything from organizing coups to running black sites all over the world to even just planting a load of false information into the public domain to suit their own agenda. And so the very fact that the same people who are doing this presumably are now being — you know, we’re now relying on these people to tell us what’s fact and fiction and to sort truth from falsehoods online is very, very, worrying indeed, especially when you look at the CIA’s long history of infiltrating media organizations as well.”

Watch/listen to the interview embedded below and draw your own conclusions:

MacLeod acknowledged that Facebook is loaded with misinformation, but he went on to say that “the fact that these people are now in charge of what we’re seeing and what we’re hearing on our news feeds should really concern everyone, especially people who are more civil-libertarian minded.”

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