Facebook Caught Spying on Private Messages, Reporting Users Who Query 2020 Election Results to FBI

Facebook has been spying on the private messages of its users and reporting people who question the results of the 2020 presidential election to the FBI, according to several whistleblowers within the Department of Justice (DoJ).

According to DoJ sources, Facebook has been spying on the private messages of American users and forwarding their data to the feds if they express anti-government or anti-authority sentiments, or question the result of the 2020 election.

Operatives at Facebook have been spying on users for the past 19 months and transmitting their private information and personal data to the domestic terrorism operational unit at FBI headquarters in Washington, DC, without a subpoena.

Under the FBI collaboration operation, somebody at Facebook red-flagged these supposedly subversive private messages and sent the information directly to federal agents, without the users’ knowledge or consent.

“It was done outside the legal process and without probable cause,” alleged one of the sources, who spoke to The New York Post on condition of ­anonymity.

“Facebook provides the FBI with private conversations which are protected by the First Amendment without any subpoena.”

New York Post reports: These private messages then have been farmed out as “leads” to FBI field offices around the country, which subsequently requested subpoenas from the partner US Attorney’s Office in their district to officially obtain the private conversations that Facebook already had shown them.

But when the targeted Facebook users were investigated by agents in a local FBI field office, sometimes using covert surveillance techniques, nothing criminal or violent turned up.

“It was a waste of our time,” said one source familiar with subpoena requests lodged during a 19-month frenzy by FBI headquarters in Washington, DC, to produce the caseload to match the Biden administration’s rhetoric on domestic terrorism after the Jan. 6, 2021, Capitol riot.

The Facebook users whose private communications Facebook had red-flagged as domestic terrorism for the FBI were all “conservative right-wing individuals.”

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